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Changes to Teleblock&Extra Clan Wars Options

This week sees the release of OSRS updates from the previous poll. Some changes have been made with this update, including adjustment to OSRS Teleblock, Clan Wars games .

New options  added to OSRS Clan Wars

With the update on June 27th,multiple new options are added when setting up OSRS Clan Wars games.

Leaving channel - This setting can be used to toggle whether players leaving the clan chat are counted as a death or not.
Re-joining - An option for rejoining a clan chat during the game which would include "Unrestricted" or "60 second limit".
Team Cap - An option to cap group fights to the following:

Teleblock Changes

Killing the player or NPC that teleblocks you now removes the teleblock effect. A player who successfully removes their teleblock this way will not be immune to another.

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Publish Time:Monday, July 01, 2019

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