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Changes to Rune Pouch & Looting Bag with OSRS BH rework
September 16 2019

OSRS Bounty Hunter rewards poll has been postponed to take on more feedback and suggestions. Here you could learn the details of rune pouch OSRS and looting bag changes in the poll blog.

Changes to  Rune Pouch and Looting Bag

The rune pouch will remain available in the Bounty Hunter shop after the rework. The cost is proposed to be around 75 Bounty Points, may make further adjustments if necessary.
Rune pouches have always been indirectly purchasable with GP because mysterious emblems are tradeable. Post rework, players won't be able to convert mysterious emblems into the points they need to obtain a rune pouch from the BH shop. To avoid trouble with the in-game economy, rune pouches will be made tradeable, as will looting bags, although these will be much cheaper in the BH shop. The rune pouch's Grand Exchange price will match its' current effective value and the looting bag will be inexpensive.
In addition, the team is planning to  make rune pouches and looting bags stackable. This would allow you to accumulate spares, avoiding having to purchase new ones each time they are lost. However, only one of each could be used at a time. They will  also make looting bag drop rates scale to the level of Wilderness NPC that drop them.

OSRS Bounty Hunter Rewards Poll Delay

According to the recent official news post, the develop team has postponed the poll of OSRS Bounty Hunter rework which was planned to open on Friday September 13th. They  decided to  take more time designing these rewards before proceeding with a poll. During this time,players can provides  more  feedback and suggestions.

Do you have any feedback and suggestions about the OSRS Bounty Hunter rewards poll?
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