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How to Stay Motivated in Old School RuneScape?
August 16 2021

Something that a lot of beginners ask me when playing Old School RuneScape is how do I stay motivated to play the game to the end, maxing out different skills and abilities, complete quests and mini quests and just repeat the same set of steps over and over again. Don’t I ever get bored of it?

Well, Do i get bored? Yes, Of course, I do. And that is the whole point of playing a game, especially an MMO, because MMOs are more than just your regular timepass, they are like living a different life in an alternate universe where you get to be whoever you want and do things exactly like you wanted to do! And that my friends, takes time and sometimes a LOT of hardwork and grinding.

So, getting a little demotivated at times, is completely normal, every once in a while you might feel like it’s time to quit the game but that’s not the only way, there are a lot of ways to regain that motivation and in this guide, I will share with you some of my tips and tricks to help you stay motivated in the game.

Setting up smaller goals
One of the very first things that you need to do in OSRS is don’t set your expectations or goals any higher than what you can achieve in a day or two at max. Because a lot of the time, what players do is get their expectations high enough to be reached in such a short time and what it does is, it makes you feel like you are never going to reach it because when you start something, you are pumped and excited to reach the end but with time, you get a little less motivated and eventually end up getting frustrated and decide to give up as the goal still seems to be far away.

So, it is very important that you set your goals within reach, maybe start with something like finishing a quest or getting an item, and work towards the goal till you get it. The reward you get will keep you motivated for your future goals!

Play with your Friends
Now, I can’t emphasize enough on this one, playing with friends is one of the best ways to stay motivated in the game because it’s more fun and that’s what it all comes down to. If you are playing alone for a while, things start getting a little boring because you run out of ideas as to what you need to do, what’s the fun thing to get you motivated again but if you have someone to play with, especially someone who resonates your thinking, it can be extremely fun to carry out different quests together, fight bosses, get your skills up, spending RS 2007 gold on different items, even AFKing is more fun with friends.

So, make sure to have someone to play with and even if you don't have anyone, reaching out to groups on the internet might find you some cool friends.

Take a Break
Sometimes, you might feel burnt out and it’s okay to take a break from your favorite game and do something else for a change, maybe even play some other game for a while. This will help you regain the lost motivation and you will feel more excited to play the game again. Taking a break is not quiting the game, but it’s actually the best way to get your excitement back!

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