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Join in RS Summer Escape until Sep 2
August 05 2019

Remember Summer Weekends? It’s coming back, but this time each mini XP-fest will last a whole week.This year the event comes by the name of RS Summer Escape, offering boosts of skill-specific XP, drop chances, skilling perks and others. Here you could learn the event schedule and more information.

The time to join in RS Summer Escape

RS Summer Weekends are coming back by the name of RuneScape Summer Escape, starting on Monday August 5th and running until September 2nd, players can look forward to skill-specific XP boosts and enhanced drop rates. There will be several Player Owned Farm perks available throughout the month, and look out for a range of amazing double perks at the weekends! Log in at any time during the event and a menu will pop up to explain it all to you.

Schedule for RuneScape Summer Escape

Here’s the schedule:
All Month: Player Owned Farm perks & Double Bonus Weekends
1.Week 1 - Summer Skilling Bonanza
From 00:00 August 5th to August 11th
Bonus Weekend 12:00 August 9th to 12:00 August 12th
2.Week 2 - Combat & Slayer
From 00:00 August 12th to August 18th
Bonus Weekend 12:00 August 16th to 12:00 August 19th
3.Week 3 - Elite Dungeons
 From 00:00 August 19th to August 25th
Bonus Weekend 12:00 August 23rd to 12:00 August 26th
4.Week 4 - Anachronia
From 00:00 August 26th to September 1st
Bonus Weekend 12:00 August 30th to 12:00 September 2nd

Enjoy all the skill-specific XP boosts and double bonus during RuneScape Summer Escape! In addition, we offer cheap RuneScape gold  for sale for you with 100% security and  high speed delivery.

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