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Learn Improvements to the OSRS Chambers of Xeric
June 01 2020

Last week the develop team continue with the improvements to the Chambers of Xeric.Here you could learn the changes to Vanguards, Olmlet Metamorphs  and more.

Further Vanguard  Improvements

With the update on May 28th, Vanguards now have a visual cue if their health is either too high or low. Furthermore, should you brave the Chambers of Xeric with four members or fewer in your raid team Vanguards will now reset if their HP differs by 40% - previously this was set at 33%, and this remains the case for raids of five members or more.

Other changes to OSRS Chambers of Xeric

1.Players with higher Thieving levels will now have a chance of receiving multiple grubs from a chest.
2.Potion drops now have a higher value, and are thus more likely to appear on top of the lootpile alongside raid supplies and bones.
3.Players can now build an extra large storage chest with a capacity of 1,500. To make it, you will require 99 Construction and 8 planks.
4.Players now have the chance to obtain the metamorphic dust again even if they have already previously obtained it in Challenge Mode.
5.Unique rewards collected from the reward chest will now be given as items rather than banknotes.
6.Vespina now has a flying form metamorphis and Tektiny now has an enraged form metamorphis.
7.The Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode now offers a brand new reward - the Twisted Ornament Kit! Players will have a chance to obtain it from an extra roll on the drop table akin to the metamorphic dust drop.

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