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Learn More OSRS 2021 Birthday event Guide and Rewards
February 19 2021

The 2021 Birthday event is an event that takes place around the 8th birthday of the relaunch of Old School RuneScape. Old School RuneScape is eight years old this month! And what a journey it’s been – what started out as a bit of nostalgia has evolved to become so much more.

But we’re not the only ones celebrating. Duke Horacio of Lumbridge is throwing a birthday bash, and he’s decided to invite the monkeys from Ape Atoll. Unfortunately, all the excitement has sent them absolutely bananas and they’ve started to take over the town!

OSRS 2021 Birthday event Guide
Items needed: 20 Coins (provided) if Prince Ali Rescue is not completed.

1. You need to talk to Duke Horacio on the 1st floor of the Lumbridge Castle to start out this event.

2. Duke Horacio will tell you he has invited the King Awowogei of Ape Atoll to Lumbridge for a party, but because the king couldn't make it, a couple of other monkeys decided to go in his place.

3. Travel to Al-Kharid and talk to Zeke.

4. Create a trap -- create a monkey cage using a knife on three pieces of bamboo, and add a premium banana which he definitely did not get from Luthas.

5. Talk to Zeke to obtain a knife, and search the barrels in the store to grab some bananas and bamboo. Craft six monkey cages using the knife on the bamboo. (All of these items can be obtained in Zeke's store)

6. Travel back to Lumbridge, either through the Al-Kharid gate, or by using Lumbridge Home Teleport if Prince Ali Rescue is not completed.

7. Talk to Duke Horacio and he will ask you to make an end to this monkey madness.

8. Together with the Lumbridge Guide, he compiled a list of all the monkey sightings. He will give you this list to keep track of which monkeys have been caught. Go to each of the following places and place a trap to get a cutscene:

(1) Bob in Bob's Axes – an outraged monkey who is a paying customer and demands to speak to the manager.
(2) Father Aereck in Lumbridge Church – a religious monkey who sends his thoughts and prayers to Marimbo.
(3) Donie outside the Lumbridge General Store – a brave monkey taking on Lumbridge's goblins
(4) Fred the Farmer's sheep pen (north-east corner) – a mathematically inclined monkey with the hard job of calculating the totals of Fred's sheep stock.
(5) Inside the cow field north of the Mill Lane Mill (south-east corner) – a frustrated monkey with inverted controls.
(6) The unicorn to the west of Lumbridge Swamp (north-west corner) – a rampaging monkey riding his stallion.

9. Once you've trapped all of the monkeys, head back to the Duke to hand in the monkeys. He will take them off your hands, and invite you to the Lumbridge Castle Dining Room, to commence the celebrations.

10. Join Duke Horacio, Awowogei, Zeke, Mofina and Eluned in the dining room to receive your reward.

Wearing an M'speak amulet is not required for the player to talk to each monkey from their cage, because the monkeys are wearing amulets of humanspeak. Each monkey has unique dialogue.

What rewards you can get from 2021 OSRS Birthday event?
You can get:
Cursed banana;
Banana cape (members only);
2 noted Half full wine jugs;
All previous birthday event and anniversary event rewards.

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