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Learn OSRS Small Game Improvements!
August 19 2019

Last Friday, the OSRS official news released  some small game improvements. Here you could learn the changes to OSRS lectern interfaces, a new  POH lectern named the Marble lectern,and others.

Lectern Interfaces

Quantity buttons have been added to the POH lecterns and the Arceuus lectern. The POH lecterns’ menu on mobile devices has also been changed, so the names of the tablets can be shown without relying on hover-over text. This adjustment will not affect the desktop version of the POH lecterns’ menu.

Marble Lectern

Players may now build a Marble lectern in their POH. This combines the functionality of a Demon and Eagle lectern. This requires 77 Construction, a marble block, a magic stone, and a gold leaf to create.

Clue Reward Caskets Graphic Change

The graphic for Clue Reward Caskets now match their clue scroll tier colour. Caskets found during a clue have remained unchanged.

Fishing Trawler

The following changes have been made to Fishing Trawler to improve the minigame experience:
1.Leaky holes in the Fishing Trawler now allow more people to attempt to patch them simultaneously without giving dead clicks.
2.The minigame's timer has been corrected as it previously claimed the trip lasted 12 minutes, though it was only 10 minutes long in reality. The true duration has not changed in this update though we are open to polling it in the future.
3.The activity bar in Fishing Trawler will no longer decrease if there's no activity left to do.

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