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Learn more New OSRS Shooting Stars Update and rewards
March 22 2021

Old School RuneScape's latest update is bringing back the Shooting Stars activity first released in 2008. Jump into Gielinor and you'll now find the cosmic rocks falling across the land, offering a new way to increase your Mining skill and earn exclusive rewards. Read on to find out how to track them, and why it's worth the chase.

Shooting Stars are landing all across Gielinor! These wondrous objects can be mined for rewards, and players can use telescopes to figure out when and where they might land. This is one of the new types of activity we're calling 'Distraction and Diversion' (Treasure Trails and Champions Challenge are also now in this category, rather than being classed as minigames). Shooting Stars are now falling in Old School RuneScape, providing both Mining XP and exclusive rewards.

On every world, a Shooting Star will fall at a random spot selected from a predetermined list. Shooting Stars will fall at a random spot every two hours (with a variation of up to 15 minutes) on both free-to-play and premium worlds. It's possible you'll stumble upon them just by going about your daily tasks – but you can also use telescopes in your Player Owned House to determine a rough landing location and time. The better the telescope, the more accurate the reading.

For now, there are three types of telescopes:
<1>Oak Telescope: Provides a general region and a 24-minute window
<2>Teak Telescope: Provides a general region and a 9-minute window
<3>Mahogany Telescope: Provides a general region and a 2-minute window

In free-to-play worlds, Stars will only offer Mining XP, as the Reward Shop is not available – although you can still collect Stardust. There's also the possibility for Stars to land in premium areas on free-to-play maps, meaning you won't have access to every Star that falls.

Shooting Stars are a lot more valuable on member worlds, as the Stardust you collect can be swapped for rare items and gear. These include the following:
- Celestial Ring: Untradeable ring that gives a +4 Mining boost and is chargeable with Stardust
- Star Fragment: Use on a piece of the Prospector Outfit to recolor it gold
- Bag Full of Gems: Contains assorted gems
- Soft Clay Pack: Contains 100 pieces of soft clay

This week's update also includes a rework to the Bolt Pouch, making it "much more user-friendly." That means it now works similarly to the Rune Pouch, there's a new slot for Extra Ammo, and you can simply left-click an item in the pouch to remove it.

If you're interested in learning more about the new Shooting Stars, check out the official patch notes or follow us. BTW, we offer Cheap RS 2007 Gold and Runescape 3 Gold at a discounted price! More Cheap OSRS Gold you purchase, the more surprises you can get. 5 Minutes Delivery. 24/7 Customers Service.

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