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Major Update of Runescape Fletching and Firemaking Skills
May 16 2022

With millions of players taking the time to master their various crafts, be it power or in-game money, levelling up skills is a staple part of the RuneScape experience.

Runescape is, of course, a very unique experience compared to many other MMOs. Containing a massive 28 skills for its paying members, there is no shortage of skills to level.

Today, two of those skills; fletching and firemaking just got a major update for high-level players ahead of the upcoming Double XP event at the end of the month. These new arrows are sure to fletch you a good price. it’s your time to shine! Here's what you need to know.

Prehistoric Potterington's "Accidental" Fletching and Firemaking Training Stations
Following the dramatic finale of the Elder God Wars, Prehistoric Potterington's 'Accidental' Fletching & Firemaking Training Stations is a gameplay respite from the cataclysmic end to one of RuneScape's most iconic storylines.
This brand new update takes players away from the cataclysmic end to the Elder God Wars storyline and into a brief gameplay respite in Anachronia Farm.

After players have completed the Elder God Wars: Extinction quest, they can meet Prehistoric Potterington and discover her three new methods of increasing your fletching and firemaking skills using dinosaur eggs and the adorable plant-based zygomites,which are cute plant creatures as adorable as they are ancient.

Players can collect and combine the components needed for T95 Dinarrows by incubating, feeding and 'carestyling' the zygomites, before then imbuing the arrows with one of the four Elder God combat effects available; allowing them to stock up on arrows ahead of upcoming content or to simply make a fortune on The Grand Exchange.

To engage with this content, players must have an active Runescape membership to access the area of Anachronia. They will also need a minimum level of 82 in either firemaking or fletching to begin interacting with the zygomite 'carestyling' section of the update with a level of 95 being required to engage with all the available content the update has to offer.

Players can also look forward to the return of the Double XP LIVE event from Friday 20 May until Monday, 30 May – the first since February. Get the most out of the skill grind with 48 hours of a Double XP bonus to use over the course of 10 days. An XP timer will begin at the time of login and stop at logout so RuneScape's skill community can make the most of this limited time event. RuneScape's Yak Track is also back from May 30th until July 24th, where players can get their hands on Iaia themed cosmetic rewards and pets by taking part in fun and varied tasks in Gielinor.

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