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OSRS Dragonstone Armour New Design with SOTE Changes
September 09 2019

With the update last week, some Elf  Models and graphical  changes and adjustment have been made in OSRS Song of the Elves. There are two new appearance designs of the dragonstone armour  which you can expect to find in an upcoming opinion poll.

New design of  dragonstone armour OSRS

According to the recent Old School official news post, more designs of the dragonstone armour OSRS are revealed. Based on players’ feedback, the develop team has created two alternate appearances of dragonstone armour:

The options of these dragonstone armour designs will be offered in an upcoming opinion poll.

Changes to OSRS Song of the Elves

Bases on the results of the previous Song of the Elves poll, the following changes have been made to OSRS Song of the Elves with the update last week:
1.All elf chatheads have been adjusted to match the most popular style from the poll blog. The main changes are to the shape, making them more like existing NPC chatheads and repositioning them in the chatbox.
2.The skin colour of Iorwerth elves is no longer purple and matches the other elves.Lord Iorwerth's model has been changed to the most popular option from the recent poll.The purple parts of Iorwerth elf clothing have also been made blue to match the style of Lord Iorwerth's model.
3.Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig's model now better represents her old clothing and is more suited to her environment.

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