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OSRS Ernest the Chicken Quest Guide: Requirements, Walkthrough & Rewards
March 16 2021

Ernest the Chicken is a novice quest which requires players to discover what happened to the missing Ernest, who went into Draynor Manor to ask for directions and never returned. Here is a guide for Ernest the Chicken OSRS with fast walkthrough and others.

The ability to defend from a level 22 Skeleton.

Items required:
A spade (can be obtained during the quest)
1 fish food (can be obtained during the quest)
1 poison (can be obtained during the quest)

OSRS Ernest the Chicken walkthrough
1. To start this quest, head south of Draynor Manor and speak to Veronica.
2. Enter the manor.
3. Head to the room south of the kitchen to get the poison. Then head to the room south of the main staircase on the 1st floor and get the fish food from a blue box.
4. Making poisoned fish food by using the fish food on the poison.
5. Head to the south-eastern room and get the spade next to the door leading outside if you do not already have one.
6. Head to the south-western corner of the manor grounds to the fountain. Kill the piranhas by using the poisoned fish food on the fountain. Then search the fountain to get the pressure gauge.
7. Get a compost heap on the west side of the grounds.
8. Search the compost heap and get a key.
9. Return to the manor through the front door, and then go through the door to the room behind the stairs. Get the rubber tube.
10. Head to the western ground floor and search the bookcase.
11. Go down the ladder. Complete the puzzle:
(1) Pull down lever A and lever B.
(2) Enter Door 1.
(3) Pull down lever D,leave up C.
(4) Enter Door 2 and 3.
(5) Pull up lever A and lever B.
(6) Enter Door 3, Door 4 and Door 5.
(7) Pull down lever E and lever F.
(8) Enter Door 6 and Door 7.
(9) Pull down lever C.
(10) Enter Door 7 and Door 6.
(11) Pull up lever E.
(12) Enter Door 6, Door 8, Door 3.
(13) Go through Door 9. Grab the oil can.


12. Leave the basement. Leave the secret room by pulling the lever on the eastern wall.
13. Return to the top floor and speak to Professor Oddenstein with these items.
Quest complete!

Ernest the Chicken Rewards
You will gain the following rewards after completing the Ernest the Chicken quest:
- 4 Quest points
- 300 Coins
- Access to the killerwatt plane (only for members)

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