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OSRS Prifddinas Proposed Changes in Game Improvement Poll
March 16 2020

According to the lastest official news post,the Old School team has revealed  some changes for 70th Game Improvement Poll.Here you could learn the deatils of proposed changes to Prifddinas OSRS.

Aim of OSRS Prifddinas changes in the poll

Since Song of the Elves was released last year, the team thought hard about what changes they could make to improve the elven lands. From the Iorwerth Dungeon to the Gauntlet, these changes aim to make Prifddinas and its associated activities even better.

Details of  OSRS Prifddinas proposed changes

1. Superior monsters in the Iorwerth Dungeon will have a guaranteed crystal shard drop, instead of the current common drop chance.

2. Increase the amount of monsters per room in the Iorwerth Dungeon to a minimum of 6.

3. Change one of the mutated bloodveld rooms in the Iorwerth Dungeon into a regular bloodveld room. Currently, there are no regular bloodvelds in the dungeon.

4. Change one of the greater nechryael rooms in the Iorwerth Dungeon into a regular nechryael room. Currently, there are no regular nechryaels in the dungeon.

5. Add a room to the Iorwerth Dungeon that will allow you to cannon elves again. This was previously possible in the Mourners HQ but was removed for thematic purposes. Lore-wise, these new elves would be Iorwerth sympathisers hiding out in the dungeon.

6. The demi-bosses in the Gauntlet always drop a weapon frame.

7. Allow players to use 1000 crystal shards on the Blade of Saeldor to create an infinitely charged version.

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