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OSRS PvP Poll Updates!
September 23 2019

From the recent OSRS PvP blog, discussed the way PvP content is polled and how to improve PvP community outreach.  A common suggestion from the PvP community is that only those who engage enough in PvP are allowed to vote on its content.

Discussion & suggestion on OSRS PvP poll

According to the  latest official news post,the Old School develop team discussed the way OSRS PvP content is polled . There are concerns about “spite voting” by PvM players, which means some PvM players may vote no to a PvP suggestion out of spite. If a PvM player votes no to a PvP suggestion, there's no way to tell if they did it out of spite or whether they genuinely believe it’s what’s best for the game.
For this problem, some PvP players suggest that only those who engage enough in PvP are able to vote on its content. In the blog the team thought they could restrict PvP content in a way that would only require them to be voted on by PvP players, but this idea raises a number of issues, needs more players’ feedback.

Prepare to convene OSRS PvP Council

The team also considers convening OSRS PvP Councils. An official PvP Council, however, would require a more thorough selection process with many questions to answer:

-Do they merely suggest content for us to consider, or do they decide what is polled?
-Do their decisions get to bypass the polling system?
-Who selects members of the council and how?
-How do we ensure every type of PvP player is fairly represented?
-How should the council be moderated to ensure the game's best interests are at heart rather than personal ones?
-Is the council a permanent feature?

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