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Old School RuneScape Upcoming Event – A Kingdom Divided
March 26 2021

The developers are working day and night to bring new content to the table every once in a while, and as of the year 2019, a special event by the name of “A Kingdom Divided” was announced at the Runefest which was supposed to be released later the year.

But it hasn’t yet launched and we don’t actually have a fixed release date but the game officials have announced an update related to the event. In a recent tweet by Mod Ed, the team announced that they have reached an important milestone regarding A Kingdom Divided event and now the event is completely playable from start to finish but there’s still a lot of work left to do before the final launch.


What is A Kingdom Divided Event?

A Kingdom Divided is an upcoming event and the latest addition to the series of Kourend quests. The players will have to investigate the hidden corruption inside the Kourend Council and dig into the vast conspiracy.

The event will get started when the player goes to speak with Martin Holt at the entrance to the Castle of Kourend in Kingstown. But the event exclusively requires players with experienced level to participate in the quest.

The officials have also announced a list of requirements for this experienced-level event and the requirement are as under:


Completing the Architectural Alliance Mini-quest

Completion of the following quests:

· X Marks the Spot

· The Depths of Despair

o Client of Kourend

· The Queen of Thieves

o Client of Kourend

· The Ascent of Arceuus

o Client of Kourend

· The Forsaken Tower

o Client of Kourend

· Tale of the Righteous

o Client of Kourend


And the Skill requirements are as follows:

· Agility - 54

· Thieving - 52

· Woodcutting - 52

· Herblore - 50

· Mining - 42

· Crafting - 38

· Magic - 35


These are all the requirements that you’ll have to fulfill in order to participate in the event and win some special rewards and speaking of which let’s see what you get for all the hours of painstaking efforts that you put into the Kingdom Divided event.


Rewards for completing A Kingdom Divided event

The event, as we know requires experienced-level to get into it and we can’t expect anything less than some great rewards for the completion of it, right? So, let’s find out what this event actually has to offer for all the work and energy that you put in.

According to what we know from the official update on the event from Mod Ed, the players will have the following rewards on the completion of the event:

· 2 Quest points

· An Experience lamp giving 10,000 XP points to any of the skill that you choose.

· Kharedst's memoirs can hold up an extra 20 charges, up from previous 40 charges to make it a total 60.

· The ability to set re-spawn point to the Kourend Castle.

· 18 new additional spells will be available in the Arceuus spell-book


I know you are all as excited as we are but guess we’ll have to wait for the official launch date for the event but till then you can complete all your quests and to help you get started here is a great place to buy some cheap OSRS Gold. Hope you find this short guide to be helpful.

The Rs2gold Team

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