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RS Balthazar’s Big Raffle 2019
September 02 2019

Balthazar’s Big Raffle has returned to RS throughout September 2019! Remember to log in every day from September 1st to September 30th to claim your daily raffle ticket from Balthazar in Burthorpe. Plus, extra raffle tickets are available for completing a daily challenge or finding Gilly Willikers, the friendly neighbourhood wandering clown.

When can you participate in RuneScape raffle?

The activities time :September 1st --- September 30th

How to get  more RuneScape raffle tickets?

RS Balthazar’s Big Raffle 2019 has been active now and runs until September 30th. During this event, you can collect RuneScape raffle ticket and turn in them for a prize every day. Here is how you could gain these raffle tickets:
1. Receive a free RuneScape raffle ticket every day by speaking to Balthazar in Burthorpe.
2. Receive another daily raffle ticket by completing a daily challenge or finding a wandering clown named Gilly Willikers. RuneScape Gilly Willikers may be found at the following locations:
Al Kharid
Draynor Village

What are prizes from RuneScape raffle 2019?

You are able to hand in your raffle tickets for a chance to win a prize. Available for the first time in the raffle will be a new set of Golden Barrows armour, Linza the Disgraced.Here are the prizes for each day in one week during RuneScape Balthazar’s Big Raffle 2019:
Monday - 3 large protean packs
Tuesday - 2 portable deposit boxes
Wednesday - 3 deathtouched darts
Thursday - A set of unowned golden Barrows equipment (Guthan, Ahrim, Verac, Dharok, Karil, Torag, Akrisae & Linza)
Friday - A set of unowned golden warpriest armour
Saturday - A random, unowned golden chaotic weapon
Sunday - A random, unowned golden godsword

For the first time this year players will be able to grab any of their missed tickets before the event ends. Simply hand a Bond over to Balthazar and he'll keep hold of any tickets you miss throughout the event.

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