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RS Nipper Demon Pet available from on March 2nd
March 05 2020

According to RS game updates on March 2nd,RS Nipper Demon has been added as the miniature pet version of a Ripper Demon. Here you clould learn how to unlock this new pet and more information.

RS Nipper Demon available from March 2nd

According to the recent Game Update: Solak Scaling & Nipper Demon Pet dev blog, Mod Shogun’s been working on this, err, adorable project since Epic Jam, and now players can finally take home a Nipper Demon of their own.

How to unlock RS Nipper Demon pet?

The Nipper Demon is a miniature pet version of a Ripper Demon that can be unlocked with a parasitic orb, which is obtained as a drop from killing ripper demons.The odds of receiving the item are 1 in 30,000, or 1 in 1,000 from their elite variant, Slasher Demons. After the item is used, the Nipper Demon can be summoned from the pets tab in the hero interface.
You should know thatboth the Parasitic Orbs and the Nipper Demon Pets themselves will be untradeable, and once you have the pet the Orb won’t drop any more.

All in all, you can take home a RS Nipper Demon pet now!If you want to buy RS gold, come to our site at any time and get some.

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