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RuneScape Double XP Live & Improved Divination Update
May 08 2021

If you’re one of those waiting for Improved Divination in RuneScape, well wait no more because it's here. The Divination skill is now AFK-able as well as more enjoyable to train.

In a post, the RuneScape team revealed that while the Divination skill does have a lot of benefits, its training wasn’t a good experience. The team went on to say that they wanted this skill to be in the same realm of Archaeology or Mining. To make Divination more appealing, the team knew they had to improve the core skill loop and refine the rewards.

Before we go into some of the details, the Double XP is now live and is in effect until May 24.

What is Divination?
Divination is best described as the skill of the skillers. Through Divination, you'll set out on an adventure to harvest the divine energy pouring out of Gielinor and transform it into a variety of useful portents, boons and signs - all of which help you fight harder, skill more effectively, and gather resources more efficiently.

For example, when heading into a tough combat encounter, you might take a Portent of Death - a valuable layer of protection that instantly resurrects you upon death with 15% of your base health, while also removing 15% of your target's base health. If you're the skilling type, you might use a Sign of the Porter to instantly teleport any gathered resources to your Bank - a must for higher level Archaeology spots!

Below are some of the changes implemented to improve Divination:

Wisp Wander Range
   -Instead of just zipping all over the place, they now wander up to five tiles away from a crater.
         -This should make this part of training the skill somewhat more AFK-able.

Spring Duration
   -The duration of springs has been increased to 60 seconds.
         -Each additional interaction increases the duration by 15 seconds for a maximum of 75 additional seconds.

Critical Chance While Gathering
   -Gathering Memories now give players a chance to get Enriched Memory.
         -This chance can now go beyond 100%.
         -At 150%, for example, players can get an Enriched Memory while having a 50% chance to get another one.

Chronicle Fragments
   -They now spawn next to the player and remain immobile.
   -Grabbing them within six seconds gives players an Enriched Chronicle that has a little bit more XP.

Sign of the Porter VII
   -Now requires level 99 Divination.
   -Holds 50 charges.
   -Needs 120 Incandescent Energy to be crafted.

New Buff
In addition to the changes mentioned, there is also a new buff known as Memory Overflow. This buff is activated when players contribute Chronicle Fragments to a regular energy rift and overload it. Once triggered, it has these effects:

  - +1 base energy from deposited Memories.
  - 5% more XP from deposited Memories.
  - 10% higher critical chance when siphoning from nearby springs.
  - Spawns an Enriched Wisp which boosts your crit rating by 100%.
  - This mechanic replaces Enriched Wisps spawning every 20 minutes.

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