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Tempoross Update and Easter Event
March 29 2021

The developers have recently made some changes to the fishing Skill Boss Tempoross, based on the players’ recommendation. Players seems to be enjoying the Tempoross and the feedback has been extremely good so far.

As of the 24th – 26th March 2021, RuneScape officials announced some hotfixes to the game based on the players’ feedback and they have also released a list of all these changes that have been currently applied to the game. The changes are as follows:


· The amount of less profitable fishes in the water will be reduced so that the players can catch the more profitable fishes more often to make more profit.

· Also, the chance of catching all these fishes from the reward table is increasing, so you can catch more of these fishes.

· The probability to find the useless items such as the feathers, bait and nails will also be reduced. Also, the stack size has been increased to stack these items in case you do find them.

· The number of soaked pages that you can catch have also been increased.

· The Reward Permit cap on the ultimate ironman has also been increased from 10 to 8,000.

· Debug messages in the creation of the slayer and boss kill log interfaces will removed in the update of 7th April 2021.

· The issue of tome of water not appearing in Magic skillguide or in level message will also be fixed on 7th April update.

· The option to Scry on portal Nexus and Scrying pool will also be enabled as soon as we have more information likely in the next update.


Now as for the weekly updates, due to the Easter Public holidays, the next week’s update will not take place. Instead, the next weekly update will return on 7th April as per the usual schedule.

What is Tempoross?

Tempoross the is a new addition to the fish training in OSRS which is available for all the members with fishing level 45 or above. Tempoross provides a more hands-on and sociable way to level up while having a ton of fun.

You can choose to either go on your own or work with a team, keep in mind that Tempoross will also scale up according to your team’s size.

Now you might be wondering what’s in it for the players? Well, Tempoross offers the best XP for levels starting from 35 to 70 but fewer number of fishes. Here’s the list of XP rates that you can expect for different levels:

· Fishing lvl.35 - 30,000 XP/hour

· Fishing lvl.70 - 70,000 XP/hour

· Fishing lvl.99 - 80,000 XP/hour


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The Rs4uk Team

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