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The new Shayzien Agility Course OSRS
August 31 2021

Agility courses are super tedious but they help us to boost and max out our agility skill, so whether or not we want, we NEED to complete these agility courses. However, OSRS has recently introduced a new agility course after they added the Shayzien House and this new agility course is called Shayzien Agility Course.

There wasn’t a lot of coverage on this update and consequently a lot of the players don’t even know that this course actually exists in the game. So, in this short guide I am gonna cover everything that you need to know about this new agility course.

Getting Started
So, the Shayzien course is divided into two different difficulty levels, the basic and the advanced one. You can decide which one suits you the best and obviously the easier the difficulty the lower the rewards or XP points are.

In order to start the course, you will have to reach the Kourend Castle in the Shayzien Encampment to get started with the course. The basic course requires you to just have 5 agility minimum and has a yield of 133 XP. But that’s not what most of the players are interested in so let’s talk about the advanced version of this course.

The advanced version awards 474 Xp each lap, so if you manage to do it within a normal timeframe you’d be able to get around 30K XP for a 48 level agility skill, which is really rather good for Level 48. To put that into perspective, the Cannabis Course requires Level 40 Agility and costs around 20k Xp per hour, but the Falador Course costs around 26k Xp per hour and requires Level 50 Agility. So, this course has more XP than the course that requires two more levels, and the reason for that is because you don't get any grace marks, which could be a big turn off. If you feel like it’s a lot for you, maybe pay a few rs07 gold points to your friend to do it for you, why not?

However, this agility course really is a great addition to the long list of agility courses that are already there but as it gives out more rewards, I think a lot of players would prefer this over many other agility courses in the game. I think that this course can actually help a lot of players out trying to max their agility as it is one of the MOST important skills to have in the game.

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